Our Mission

The Morning People are the ones who start our days off right, give us a bright smile, and a warm hello. The small businesses and friendly faces we go to on our morning commute for a quiet moment before our busy day ahead. They are brewing our fresh coffee, steeping our favourite tea, and baking those muffins we just can't live without.  

This project celebrates the people and places that make our world a calmer place to wake up to. The cafes and bakeries that we love and the small business owners that are up long before the sun rises, putting their heart and soul into every bite and every cup.



We are a husband and wife team. Husband writes the words, wife takes the photos. Day to day life gets the better of us so this is a place for us to create and have fun. Our passion project. We wanted to work together on something we care about, where we can tell the stories of the businesses and people who make our days that bit better, learn from them and make new friends.

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Seth Kallen

Music manager, coffee lover, adventurous eater.

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Lauren Kallen

Photographer, travel addict, future tearoom owner.

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