The Albion

On our recent trip to England, we made sure to visit a few of our favourite places. There never seems to be enough time when I go back to my homeland so we have to strategically plan where the next meal is. Without doubt, I always try and pay a visit to The Albion in my old stomping grounds in Shoreditch. The lunch menu is proper comfort food, the kind that you crave when you've been away for a while. No matter how grey it is outside, it's always bright and cozy at The Albion. We had the shepherds pie which was bursting with filling and the steak sandwich was juicy and the thick cut, freshly baked bread soaked up all that greasy goodness. Heaven!

Next time you are in London, make a trip there and you won't be disappointed.

The Albion
2-4 Boundary St
London, E1 7DD

- Lauren